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11-year-old ballet dancer receives prestigious dance scholarship offer – BOTWC

This is how you invest in the next generation!

An 11-year-old boy from Nigeria has been offered a scholarship to a top dance school in New York after a video of him dancing in the rain went viral, according to People.

Anthony Mmesoma Madu recorded a video of himself showing off his ballet skills outside in the rain. The video quickly caught the internet’s attention and was eventually forwarded to Cynthia Harvey, the artistic director of the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance, one of New York’s most prestigious dance schools. “A friend who lives in the UK sent me the video. Within a day I was trying to track it down,” Harvey said.

Madu is one of 12 students attending Leap of Dance Academy, a dance school in Lagos, Nigeria, founded by Daniel Ajala Owoseni in 2017. Currently, there is no space for designated dance and Owoseni teaches children for free. The dance teacher said he hoped to “change the stereotypes around classical dance”.

Harvey managed to reunite with Anthony and Owoseni, offering the pre-teen a full scholarship to attend the ABT Young Dancers Virtual Summer Workshop and offering Owoseni to be part of the ABT National Training Program which helps instructors to hone their skills.

“A child who shows that much dedication, you just have to help. If there’s anything the world has taught us, it’s…we all have so much to learn from each other. opportunities to Daniel and Anthony is the right thing to do,” Harvey said.

Owoseni said Anthony is a very dedicated and committed student. He hopes his program will continue to attract young boys interested in dancing and show them that it is a viable career choice.

“Boys can actually do ballet. Male ballet is here to stay and it’s not meant to be just for women,” he said.

Anthony expressed his love for ballet and his hope to inspire other young dancers saying, “The feeling that comes over me [when I dance] it’s as if I was dreaming. When people see ballet, they think it’s only for girls. What I want them to see me is when I’m dancing, they know there’s a male ballet dancer.

Congratulations Anthony!!

Photo courtesy of @leapofdanceacademy/Instagram