Ballet choreographers

The Louisville Ballet choreographer showcase is all-narrative

On the opening night of this year’s Choreographer Showcase, Louisville Ballet Producer and Artistic Director Robert Curran framed the evening in the context of storytelling. In a season when the Ballet is producing three of the greatest storytelling ballets of all time (Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker), inviting choreographers from the company to create […]

Ballet academy

As Ballet Academy Joins Central Omaha District, Collaborative Opportunities Abound | Lifestyles

There is a long block in downtown Omaha that has become a full-service arts education and performance district. From 69th to 72nd near Cass Street, you can: » Learn to play the tuba or sing a tune » Portray the lead role in a play or musical And now study to be a prima ballerina. […]

Opera ballet

Review: ‘Reset’ follows Benjamin Millepied’s efforts to rejuvenate the Paris Opera ballet

For a year and a half, Benjamin Millepied directed the Paris Opera Ballet, where he worked, among other things, to diversify the company and rethink the hierarchy of the institution. At one point in “Reset,” Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai’s gripping documentary about Mr. Millepied choreographing a new ballet, he grabs an injured dancer’s foot […]