Opera ballet

Cairo Opera Ballet on tour in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour

The Cairo Opera Ballet began a tour on Wednesday with a selection of renowned classical ballets accompanied by the Cairo Opera Orchestra, in Cairo, Alexandria and Damanhour. The shows, led by Artistic Director Armenia Kamel and Maestro Nair Nagy, kicked off in Cairo at the Opera House on Wednesday evening and will run until the […]

Opera ballet

The Paris Opera Ballet sends us an open invitation to all

As the Palais Garnier is still closed to the public for the moment, fundraising for the 2021 opening season of the Paris Opera Ballet can only be held digitally this year. But it’s all good news for us, because it means we can all now see ballet from the comfort of our own homes. This […]

Opera ballet

Body and Soul by Crystal Pite, created with the Paris Opera Ballet, hits Canadian screens

Vancouver choreographer Crystal Pite admits to feeling pre-show jitters ahead of the Canadian premiere of one of her most ambitious choreographic works. The founder of Kidd Pivot realizes that this angst is a bit bizarre, given that the Paris Opera Ballet made its debut Body and soul in the fall of 2019 at the Palais […]

Opera ballet

Responding to a new report, the Paris Opera Ballet pledges to make diversity a priority in the historic institution

The Paris Opera Ballet is the oldest national ballet company in the world and is steeped in tradition. For all its grandeur and prestige, ballet notably lacks diversity and until recently was among ballet companies with a repertoire that even included blackface. However, a 66-page report released on Monday shed light on the work the […]

Ballet dancer

Egyptian ballet dancer Luca Abdel Nour wins second place at the Prix de Lausanne international ballet competition

CAIRO – February 9, 2021: Egyptian ballet dancer Luca Abdel Nour won second place in classical ballet at the Prix de Lausanne International Ballet Competition in Switzerland held from January 31 to February 6. The 17-year-old student from the Zurich Dance Academy performed classical and contemporary ballet. Abdel Nour also […]

Opera ballet

Watch the Paris Opera Ballet perform the work of this Vancouver choreographer, without traveling to France

Body and Soul, choreographed by Order of Canada nominee Crystal Pite, is available to stream via Digidance this month Acclaimed Vancouver choreographer Crystal Pite’s Body and soul was first presented on stage by the Paris Opera Ballet in November 2019, Vancouver dance fans should have boarded a flight to the French capital to catch the […]

Opera ballet

Discover Chanel’s costumes for the Paris Opera Ballet’s digital opening gala

Last Wednesday, the Paris Opera Ballet held its annual opening gala virtually, as is done these days. The event was initially private, broadcast by the ballet’s guest patrons, but is now online and accessible to everyone. Like all other ballet companies in the world, the Paris Opera Ballet did not dance its regular seasons. Out […]