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Ankara State Opera Ballet will stage the COVID -19 process


The Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ADOB) will stage a ballet based on people’s experience depicting the moments of life, the suffering endured and the impact of the ongoing pandemic that has hit us, greatly limiting art and life.


Some of the well-known and distinguished works which include opera and ballet performances will feature in the event by ADOB following the coronavirus measures.

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, the first female director of Turkey’s premier opera, ADOB, soprano Feryal Türkoğlu, noted the season’s work and the steps she took while directing the performances.

Stating that they opened the season with a series of concerts on September 9, Türkoğlu said they spent the first part of the process minimizing the anxiety of art lovers in Ankara and planning security measures to to protect the health of the public and artists. For this, she said they had arranged seats to be “two empty, one full” for two months and were selling tickets to the public as “one empty, one full” from November with the instruction of Culture and Tourism. Ministry.

Türkoğlu said that in October they gave Mozart’s Requiem concert with two pianos, during which the choir wearing masks sat far apart, and the soloists worked remotely on stage and also during rehearsals.

She also noted that they performed the first orchestral concert of the season with the Republic Day Concert on October 29.


“We will continue to organize our orchestra concerts, but we have also reduced the orchestras. There are plexiglas among our wind instruments. “

Noting that they have taken the most intense COVID-19 measures possible, she said, “We are not increasing the number of orchestra members to more than 25 in concerts.”

“It is our priority to protect the health of our artists and our public without sacrificing the art,” she said, adding that the institution is disinfected every two days and the stage is disinfected after each repetition.

Türkoğlu informed that in November they will stage the first opera of the season, “Abduction from the Seraglio”, and added: “We do this with an abbreviated version of our work with the orchestra on and behind the stage and with the performers at the front. We cut a few steps. We didn’t want to keep our audience in the room for two hours. We’re looking forward to seeing our audience excitedly.

Informing that in November they would stage the first opera of the season titled “Abduction from the Seraglio”, Türkoğlu said, “We do this with an abbreviated version of our work with the orchestra on and behind the stage and with the artists at the front.”


“We cut some scenes because we don’t want to keep our audience in the room for two hours. We look forward to seeing our audience with great zeal,” she added.

Noting that they wanted to open the season with ballet performances, Türkoğlu said that they had canceled previously scheduled performances due to the increase in the spread of COVID-19 and that the general director of the Opera and the State Ballet (DOB) tenor Murat Karahan helped them overcome the problem.

“During this period, there is nothing more than health. Among the measures,” she said.


Highlighting that they are preparing to stage a special pandemic ballet at the end of December, Türkoğlu said, “We are going to perform the ballet with Uğur Seyrek’s choreography. The name of the work ’19!’ is inspired by COVID-19.

Stating that holding such shows is Karahan’s idea and that he asked their other ballet directors to organize such events, she said, “The pandemic has reminded us of a lot of things. In Seyrek’s libretto, sensitive feelings such as people drifting apart during the pandemic process, physically distancing themselves from loved ones, and coming closer together by heart would be reflected in the scene.

“Watching the pandemic in ballet will be different for audiences. The work is about to begin,” she added.

Clarifying that they have organized the weekly and daily programs due to the epidemic to protect the health of the employees, she said: “I know the administrative and artistic balances within the establishment since I have worked in the same establishment since 32 years old. I am also the artistic director of the institution. This is how I combine administration and art. It is difficult to be a manager during the pandemic.

In November, “Bir Tenor Aranıyor” (Tenor Wanted), performed for 11 years, as well as “Tango Night”, which mixes dance and music, will meet the public at the same time as “Mozart Requiem”. For audiences over 65, at least two performances will take place at 3 p.m. each month.

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