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British Ballet Dancer Xander Parish Quits Russian Ballet Mariinsky – “My Heart Goes Out to the Ukrainian People”

Alex Parisha well-known British ballet dancer, left the famous Russian Mariinsky Ballet following the country’s war with Ukraine.

British ballet dancer Xander Parish quits Russian Mariinsky Ballet after country’s war with Ukraine – ‘My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people’

The war led an increasing number of organizations to sever their ties with Russia on an economic and cultural basis. And now it seems Alex has decided to follow a similar line of reasoning, knowing that it’s impossible to sit idly by and watch Russian aggression against a sovereign country.

Therefore, it was the only reasonable thing to do as he wouldn’t be able to give a performance that would fit. In a message to his fans on instagramhe shared a photo of his performance as he hugged his fellow ballet dancer.

The post was accompanied by the following comments: “I made the difficult decision to leave Russia, at least until peace returns. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, near and far. »

The dancer was clearly in a difficult position. Had he decided to pursue his dancing aspirations, Xander could have faced a significant amount of backlash knowing that his actions could have been inadvertently interpreted as an endorsement of the Russian regime.

As a result, he wanted to make his position clear and let the organization know he had nothing against them. After all, they had been instrumental in launching his career.

He added: “I am so grateful to the Mariinsky Theater which, thanks to Yuri Fateev, welcomed me 12 years ago and gave me a career in classical ballet that I could only have dreamed of.

“I am grateful to the wonderful ordinary Russian people.” The response on social media was full of praise. A lot of people praised Xander for the courage he took, especially since his career was impacted by it.

A person wrote: Xander Parish leaving the Marinsky is a huge deal! so much the better for him, I’m proud!!” Alex’s actions could cause others to do the same.

And if that creates a situation where a large number of people follow suit, the consequences could be serious. Time will tell us. So there you go, folks. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.