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Former Ballet Dancer Applauds Excellence of Shen Yun Performers

DALLAS, Texas—Shen Yun Performing Arts brought the unique beauty of Chinese classical and folk dance and music to Dallas’ Winspear Opera House at the AT&T Performing Arts Center on April 16.

China, once known as the “Heavenly Empire”, has a truly glorious culture that is said to have been given by heavenly deities to earthly beings. The many art forms, such as dancingmusic and writing, were vehicles of learning and are believed to have been transmitted from the gods to man.

Deborah Golanski, a former ballet and tap dancer, watched New York-based Shen Yun with Phillip Metcalfe, a real estate agent.

With years of dance experience, Ms. Golanski said she could appreciate the hard work behind the level of excellence of Shen YunThe interpreters.

“I just think the choreography was absolutely lovely and the unison of the dancers was outstanding. I really enjoyed tonight’s performance,” she said.

“And being able to do the push-ups and the calisthenics and the flips…it was really, really spectacular.”

by Shen Yun assignment is to present to its public the true image of the five millennia of cultural richness of China. It delights its audience with a panorama of story-based dances that depict life across China’s various dynasties, as well as cherished legends, heroic tales and ethnic dances from regions stretching from Mongolia to Tibet.

Ms. Golanski said look Shen Yun Presenting the history of China was a very moving experience.

“I really enjoyed the pink flower dance where the dancers were using the pink fans. It was just a beautiful, beautiful performance,” Ms. Golanski said.

The dance “Plum Blossom in Spring” depicts the stoic resilience of plum blossoms as they brave the winter cold to bloom, heralding the arrival of spring.

“The dancers are phenomenally coordinated. The colors are visually delightful, [even] bewitching. It’s almost hypnotic. It really is,” Mr. Metcalfe said.

“And the special effects added so much to the performance. It also amused me a lot, ”added Ms. Golanski.

The couple also expressed their appreciation for the Shen Yun Orchestra, which accompanies every Shen Yun performance. The orchestra is a mixture of classical European and oriental instruments. The company’s entirely original compositions have won worldwide acclaim.

“The music was absolutely amazing,” Ms. Golanski said.

“The Chinese deserve to rediscover their culture”

Bill and Lila Lee were also in the audience. Mr. Lee is the school district’s marketing manager and Lili, a housewife.

Mr. Lee praised the precision of the dancers and Shen Yun’s use of color. “It’s really amazing, it’s really pretty,” he said.

“Everything is just beautiful,” Ms. Lee said, adding that she was really impressed with the first piece, “Salvation During the End Times.”

“I think it’s amazing how [the performers] come off the stage the screen behind them,” she added, referring to Shen Yundevelops a digital technology that allows a smooth transition between the 3D projection and the actors on stage.

Several features in the performance surprised Mr. Lee.

“The…video-technical aspects are really cool,” he said. He was also surprised to see the live orchestra which he said added to the whole experience as they were excellent.

Ms. Lee clapped Shen Yunis on a mission to revive the true traditional culture of China as it was in pre-Communist times.

“I think Chinese people deserve to have their culture back and to be able to celebrate and live freely and how they want,” she said.

Reporting by Yawen Hung and Diane Cordemans.

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