Ballet dancer

Japanese ballet dancer Rina Nemoto has fulfilled her dream of becoming a soloist with the Australian Ballet

Rina Nemoto, from Tokyo, followed a rarely traveled path to become a soloist with the Australian Ballet.

Who Ballerina Rina Nemoto. Where: Melbourne city center apartment. Preferred thing Ballet is my language – I use this language to express myself. I feel like I can’t live without dancing anymore, it’s part of who I am. Inspiration: My house is very simple. Small but practical. The house is: I love and miss my family in Japan, I haven’t been able to visit them for two years with the confinement we had. The Australian Ballet company has become like a second family.

Born in Tokyo, Rina Nemoto has been dancing since she was a little girl and like most young girls who like to twirl in a tutu, her parents thought it was a passing obsession.

“No one in my family came from ballet. My family didn’t expect me to become a ballet dancer,” she says.

Immensely talented and determined, Rina was only 15 when she traveled to Paris for two years of classical ballet training, before receiving a Prix de Lausanne scholarship to join the Royal Ballet in London as a apprentice dancer. Subsequently, she had the opportunity to join almost all the best ballet companies in the world.

“I did a lot of auditions but when I saw Swan Lake by Graeme Murphy I loved it. I was almost crying. So I really wanted to join this company. I followed classes with the Australian Ballet when they came to Japan,” she says. “Last year the Australian Ballet did a global digital performance and I got a lot of messages from Japan and my friends abroad.

“They loved watching the performances. I want to build on that and share the ballet with more Japanese people in Australia.

Rina has been elevated to soloist status with the Australian Ballet and has been named as one of five dancers to be selected as a nominee for the prestigious 2022 Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards. The awards will be announced at the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday April 5.

Texts: Catherine Nikas-Boulos Photos: Eugene Hyland

Escher X Nendo: between two worlds

I loved this exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria and I draw so much inspiration from this book. When I have free time, I like to spend time in museums.

Woodwork and pottery

I did this. The cup and the spoon are made of wood and the plates are made of pottery. I always think about ballet so I do things so I can focus on something for a short time.

Family pictures

These photos are very special to me and when I look at them I feel like my family is with me. They have always believed in me and I hope to be able to come back to Tokyo this year.

10 year diary

I was not a diary person but my mom gave me this for my 30th birthday. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to continue writing there for 10 years, but now I’m excited to look back on my life in 10 years.


Some of these jewels belonged to my family and when I wear them I can feel their love and that they are close to me. The gold necklace was from the Australian Ballet for ten years of service.

Body stress relief

I use yoga and body oil to take care of my body after a rehearsal or a show. I took a yoga teacher course in lockdown and I practice yoga every morning now. My body feels lighter.

lausanne prize medal

I won this medal at 17, which gave me the opportunity to join the Royal Ballet as an apprentice dancer. The scholarship opened my world to professional dance.


I take this camera everywhere and I like to photograph buildings or nature. There is so much beauty in Australia and this year I want to start exploring other cities, like Tasmania.