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JCS Ballet Academy offers classical pre-ballet education for preschoolers

“At JCS Ballet Academy, each program is structured to follow consistency of technique and artistry at each level of study.”

MIAMI, FL/ACCESSWIRE/February 16, 2022/ JCS Ballet Academy is an award-winning dance studio focused on classical ballet training for people of all ages. Having been trained in some of the most acclaimed ballet institutions in the world, their team of professionals understand the importance of proper technical training from an early age. Pulling from the Vaganova Russian MethodJCS Ballet Academy students receive the knowledge and resources to improve their technique and skill levels.

“At JCS Ballet Academy, we carefully assess students at each level of training. Our pre-ballet program focuses primarily on consistency of technique and individual progress. Students will also experience many cognitive benefits through our program. Classical ballet exercises their bodies and helps their development by stimulating their memory by learning physical patterns. They eventually learn to focus and concentrate while improving their creativity, artistry, and musicality. »

JCS Ballet Academy professionals are also committed to ensuring a positive and constructive learning environment. Pre-ballet classes are available for students aged three to five and registration is currently open. The program offers preschoolers unparalleled benefits in physical, cognitive and social development.

By practicing the discipline, participants in the JCS program will experience physical benefits in their gross motor skills using large muscles and their fine motor skills using small muscles. Long term benefits include better posture, correct alignment, flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and balance.

JCS Ballet’s pre-ballet program also helps develop social and communication skills by learning to follow directions and work with others. This is achieved by taking turns, sitting or standing still, and recognizing classmates in a supportive environment.

“Our goal is to provide our young students with guiding principles and values ​​that will last a lifetime. We believe that ballet should be accessible to anyone of any age who wants to learn. We look forward to a new year of dance.

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About JCS Ballet Academy

JCS Ballet Academy is an industry leading dance studio located in Miami, Florida. Specializing in classical ballet, their team of experienced professionals have studied and trained at some of the world’s most acclaimed ballet institutions, including the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Founded on the principles of commitment, discipline, perseverance and integrity, the individuals at JCS Ballet Academy provide the best dance instruction in a supportive, family-oriented environment.

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