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JCS Ballet Academy’s unique adult ballet program offers unparalleled health and fitness benefits to adults of all ages, from beginners to experienced dancers.

MIAMI, FL/ACCESSWIRE/March 28, 2022/ JCS Ballet Academy is an award-winning dance studio based in Miami, Florida. Consistently recognized for their commitment to providing top quality classical ballet training, their comprehensive ADULT BALLET program provides individuals of ALL ages with the foundation needed to increase strength, flexibility and improve technique through posture and body alignment. correct. Adult ballet lessons at JCS Ballet Academy have become increasingly popular among all adults, as ballet is a great workout with many health and fitness benefits for students of ALL ages and levels. , from the very beginner to the intermediate and advanced adult student. Ballet has also been shown to provide tremendous cross-training benefits to all competitive athletes, whether amateur or professional.

“Only in our adult ballet classes at the JCS Ballet Academy do adult students have access to instruction from certified teachers in the Russian Vaganova method of classical dance, recognized and respected internationally for its unparalleled history and its emphasis on the purity of classical technique with an emphasis on individual progress; thus successfully building the proper foundations for advancing in the formation and goals of the mature student.

JCS Ballet Academy Adult Ballet has been recognized for its endless HEALTH benefits. Our programs help increase athletic abilities including strength, endurance, coordination, balance, speed, endurance, flexibility, and lengthening. Our individual and group sessions also enhance cognitive abilities while improving focus and concentration. Those who have trained in ballet have reported an increase in metabolism, helping to promote increased energy while flushing out toxins and reducing inflammation. Ballet training several times a week also keeps bones healthy by promoting muscle and tissue regeneration. With a wide range of anti-aging benefits, ballet has a calming effect, helping individuals sleep better while giving them the confidence to continue with their workouts.

JCS Ballet Academy professionals recommend a minimum of two classes per week to learn the skills to move forward and experience the transformative benefits adult ballet classes can bring to your life. Believing that ballet should be accessible to everyone, their elite team of experts encourage people of all ages to book a free trial lesson today!

“Here at JCS Academy, we don’t believe in an age limit. We offer a wide range of courses open to everyone regardless of experience and skill level. We pride ourselves on cultivating an open and safe space allowing new adult dancers of all ages to learn and grow.

Those who participate at any level, adult beginner or advanced will have the opportunity to be featured in the academy’s year-end ballet production performances, where they can show off their hard work and talent. artistic. For more information about JSC Ballet Academy or to book a free trial, please visit their official website at

For an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the annual production, visit their YouTube channel.

About JCS Ballet Academy

JCS Ballet Academy is an industry leading dance studio focused on providing top quality classical ballet training. By incorporating the Vaganova method in their programs, students learn the basics of musicality, strength and purity of technique. Having studied and trained at some of the most acclaimed ballet institutions in the world, their team of professionals is committed to helping dancers of all ages reach their full potential.

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