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Local Champion Company: Miss Fisher’s Ballet Academy in Bexley | County Leader of St George and Sutherland

“It’s a safe place and a happy, special place in our community where everyone can enjoy the love of ballet.”

This is how Amy Fisher describes her Bexley ballet school, Miss Fisher’s Ballet Academy, which seems to have touched the nerves of children and adults alike.

“Taking the leap and starting with just one student enrolled, a year and a half later we now have 120 lovely students,” said Miss Fisher, a former professional ballet dancer and local St George.

“We have around 12 boys, we have a female group over 60 and we have 18 month olds – we welcome everyone.”

Miss Fisher began ballet lessons at the age of two and by 16 she was competing internationally. Ballet became her career and she danced in 15 countries in some of the most famous opera houses in the world, including with the Bavarian State Ballet and the Hungarian National Ballet.

Great Heights: Amy Fisher in a professional production of Don Quixote.  Image: Provided

Great Heights: Amy Fisher in a professional production of Don Quixote. Image: Provided

She said she wanted to share what she had learned with her students because discipline would prepare them for life – both physically and emotionally.

She said ballet teaches skills such as “good posture, balance, coordination, a love of music and movement, confidence, self-esteem, positive body image and the acquisition of independence”.

It also taught resilience: “You’re not going to be good right away – you have to come back week after week and train.”

“If the students want to get down the professional ballet floor, we’ll do everything we can to support them, but more often than not, kids don’t. [want to become professional dancers]and their training in the discipline of ballet will help complete everything in their lives,” Miss Fisher said.

With her male students, she tries to “break the stereotype” that boys can’t – or shouldn’t – dance.

“We try to get the boys involved before they have these preconceptions that boys can’t do ballet,” she said.

We try to involve the boys before they have these preconceptions that boys can’t do ballet.

Amy Fisher

Nova Chen, a Kogarah Ballet mum, said her five-year-old daughter Freya “loves” going to Miss Fisher.

“I think it is [Miss Fisher’s] passion for what she does that has driven her business forward,” Ms. Chen said.

“She’s very patient with the kids, and that’s what I like about her.”

Miss Fisher’s Ballet Academy is a finalist in the St George Local Business Awards 2021 and is this week’s Leading Local Champion Business.

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