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Refugee ballet dancers perform in Bucharest Opera’s Giselle

Five ballet dancers who fled war in Ukraine made their Bucharest debut on Sunday March 20 in Adolphe Charles Adam’s Bucharest Opera staging Gisele.

The dancers – Bogdana Alekseeva, Rodion Yatsyk, Aibek Ryskulbekov, Lara Paraschiv and Jimi Kustarbek Uulu – arrived in Romania in early March and joined the Bucharest Opera’s study programs.

The dancers have contracts with the institution, explained Culture Minister Lucian Romaşcanu, who attended the event.

“I’m happy that they don’t just rehearse here or have a place to stay and sleep, but also have a job. Fortunately, at this point, we are able to offer collaboration contracts to those who request them. I understand that the contracts have a maximum duration of three years, for a monthly amount of 3,000 RON [around EUR 600]Romaşcanu said.

Elsewhere in the country, two ballet dancers from the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater in Odessa have joined the Sibiu Ballet Theater, the institution said. Ekaterina Tomashek and Victor Tomashek, who also fled war in their home countries, had their first performance with the Sibiu institution last weekend – the Ballet Gala on March 19-20.

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