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SS Ballet Academy’s Pratyusha Chhajer Lists 4 Incredible Benefits Of Dance

Everyone can dance… BUT a perfect integration of music, movement and spatial awareness is necessary to be a professional dancer. That’s what good training does. So what are the benefits of training? Pratyusha Chhajer, Founder and Director of SS Ballet Academy in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, talks about some of the amazing benefits of dance.

Pratyusha Chhajer, Founder-Director of SS Ballet Academy

1) Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity

There is a technical and physical definition of neuroplasticity. The term refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of an experience. The process of neuroplasticity when we dance can be simply defined as leading to subtle changes in the brain, which occur as the body links memories of past actions and movements to our dance moves. As the body dances, the brain adapts in response to experiences. This not only increases plasticity, but helps our bodies synchronize our dance steps with the music. In fact, it’s all happening so subtly that you could even say it’s happening unconsciously. And this leads the dancer to become better and better with his movements.

2) Dedication and rigor

Professional dance requires a lot of willpower and determination to excel. Thus, one must develop a long-term dedication. And whatever one devotes oneself to doing leads to a regular pattern of discipline. So, dancing can actually lead people to improve their concentration in general, while improving their dedication and learning to be more disciplined, not only with dancing, but also in other aspects of life.

3) Improved gait and posture

Of course, it’s not rocket science that regular exercise, stretching, and body movement can improve gait and posture. But what dance really does is that it goes even further. Since dancing also stimulates your brain and gives that feeling of well-being, it has the potential to activate every cell in your body and make the body feel good and happy with its new gait and posture. improved. It makes people feel more comfortable and confident about their appearance and position. Have you ever thought of that?

4) Sense of inclusion, solidarity and team spirit

In dance schools, like at our SS Ballet Academy, students have the chance not only to learn the correct ballet dance methods and tactics, but also to interact with other students and learn to harmonize. and interact socially cooperatively. It brings a strong sense of inclusivity, friendliness and team spirit, as well as learning the art form. These little traits that we normally tend to overlook go a long way in improving the way people interact and socialize. The sense of inclusiveness in society also gives an edge to one’s personality and character.


Shonaya Chhajer of SS Ballet Academy

For the record, the SS Ballet Academy was launched by its founder-director Pratyusha Chhajer four years ago to train and develop professional dance. Named after Pratyusha’s children, Samyan and Shonaya, SSBA follows the Vaganova ballet method. It is a style of ballet training created by Russian ballerina Agrippina Vaganova, who became a highly acclaimed ballet teacher and is the author of the book Basic Principles of Classical Ballet. This program method is marked by a fusion of the French classical style (particularly elements from the Romantic era), with the athleticism of the Italian method, combined with the soulful passion of Russian Imperial ballet.

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