Opera ballet

The Greek director will lead the prestigious Ballet Academy of the Vienna Opera

The internationally renowned ballet director Christiana Stefanou is set to take over the management of the Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera from August 1, 2020.

The decision is part of a five-year master plan, announced on Monday June 29, which introduces a new overall concept for the facility. This includes implementing transparent and respectful communication while expanding medical services for students.

According to Stefanou, her vision is “to provide the best dance training in the world to the Vienna State Opera Ballet”. She insists on the importance of having her students work in a safe, creative and highly professional environment.

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Stefanou has worked with both the Bavarian State Ballet and the Athens National Opera, while also being a guest at the famous Boston Ballet.

The Ballet Academy of the Vienna State Opera. Photo credit: JP/Wikimedia commons

It is estimated that 862,000 euros ($968,000) should cover the costs of the new infrastructure, including medical and therapeutic staff as well as investments in dance halls and new technologies.

Regarding the new plans, the future director of the Vienna State Opera, Bogdan Roscic, said: “It is particularly important to me that we show how this is possible in the 21st century in an atmosphere of appreciation mutual and a pedagogy always adapted to children”.

Austrian Deputy Arts and Culture Minister Andrea Meyer, who also complied with the changes to the academy, said that “there will be further discussions between the implementers and funding from 2020-2021”.

Discussions with those involved in financing the new measures should begin soon, according to the Deputy Minister herself.

Christiana Stefanou previously worked as a teacher at both the ELS Professional Dance School and the National School of Orchestral Arts, teaching large dance groups.