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The Paris Opera Ballet drops Sergei Polunin for a homophobic diatribe | Ballet

Sergei Polunin, the Royal Ballet-trained dancer who revels in a reputation as a “bad boy in ballet”, has been kicked out of a production in Paris after a series of homophobic and sexist posts on social media.

It was revealed last week that Polunin had been invited to play Prince Siegfried in the Paris Opera Ballet’s February production of Swan Lake. Last weekend, the invitation was withdrawn.

In a series of offensive posts on Instagram, Polunin called on the men to “get up” and realize that they are wolves, lions and householders meant to take care of everything.

On December 29, he wrote: “Man to all the men who do ballet, there are already ballerinas on stage, no need to be two. The man must be a man and the woman must be a woman. Masculine and feminine energies create balance. That’s one reason you have balls. Same thing Outside of ballet, man, what’s wrong with you? Women now try to play the role of the man because you don’t fuck them and because you’re awkward.

Ukrainian-born Polunin is a staunch admirer of Russian President Vladimir Putin – he has a tattoo of him on his chest – and a supporter of the US president who tells people ‘you don’t like Donald Trump because he’s telling the truth and says what he thinks”. !!!”

In a now-deleted post on Friday, Polunin drew his attention to overweight people, writing, “Hit the fat ones when you see them. This will help and encourage them to lose fat. No respect for laziness!

the Dancer of the Paris Ballet Adrien Couvez last week, Polunin called it “an embarrassment” on Twitter. “Our company promotes the values ​​of respect and tolerance! This man has nothing to do with us.

The artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet, Aurélie Dupont, wrote this weekend to the company’s dancers of their decision to drop it. She called him a “talented artist”, but said his public statements were not in line with company values.

Polunin earned his reputation as a bad boy after leaving the Royal Ballet six years ago this month. He had been trained at his school from the age of 13 and became its youngest director at 19, compared to Rudolf Nureyev or Mikhail Baryshnikov.

At the time, he tweeted about “live fast and die young” and in an interview said he often performs after taking cocaine.

The dancer seemed to overcome his self-destructive urges and worked hard to re-establish himself as a star in the ballet world.

Polunin often seems to enjoy his reputation as a punk and a bad boy, but he is also seen by people who have worked with him as a gentle and polite young man.

He managed to break out of the classical ballet world thanks in large part to a viral video of him dancing to Hozier’s Take Me To the Church, directed by David LaChapelle.

He made his screen acting debut playing a Russian earl and dancer in Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express and followed that up in the poorly received 2018 spy thriller Red Sparrow.

Polunin is to present a mixed program at the London Palladium over six evenings at the end of May. Representatives of Polunin and the London Palladium have been approached for comment.