Ballet academy

This ballet academy offers an exciting program that will keep the little ones on their toes

You can help your children stay in shape and discover their artistic side! A historical dance, ballet is not only a sport but also a playful form of exercise. Students can learn from highly decorated ballet dancers at Yan Ballet Academy. The detailed program of this academy is designed based on the collective expertise of the trainers of the academy, who have all been professional ballet artists in the main ballet companies or have been trained by the main dance institutions of the world whole.

Founder Wang Yan herself has ten years of experience under her belt, having been one of the principal solo performers of the Shanghai Ballet Company. She is also an overseas ballet master for Shanghai Princess Ballet, Beijing Right Meeting Ballet and Xiamen Ballet School. It’s safe to say that your child will be in safe hands as they discover the beauty of ballet under the expert tutelage of the teachers at Yan Ballet Academy.

It’s good to start them young! Children aged four and over can enroll in a full classical ballet program with certification from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) – some of you may know that the RAD is the world’s leading dance organisation. most influential in the world. It’s a great introduction to the world of ballet, with exams and assessments organized to provide a holistic dance education. Classes start at pre-primary level, featuring a graded curriculum that helps the little ones develop technical, musical and performance skills. After that, students aged 11 and over can progress to all six professional levels. The latter offers an in-depth study of ballet and prepares students for a career in dance. Yan Ballet Academy also offers ballet lessons for toddlers aged 2.5 to 4 years old, in preparation for RAD lessons.

Students who want to go beyond the RAD program can try Yan Ballet Academy’s Elite program, which applies training methods used in professional ballet companies, such as the famous Vaganova method. Students who are part of this program have won great accolades, including nearly 200 gold medals in four years, including the first-ever gold medal for Singapore at the Asian Grand Prix. Yan Ballet Academy offers an extensive training program in performance and competition, for those who wish to aim for the stage.

Yan Ballet Academy has also helped many students apply for Direct School Admission (DSA) to Singapore Secondary Schools, using either the Ballet DSA or the Dance DSA.

Apart from the shiny rewards, ballet can benefit children in many ways. It teaches discipline, art, concentration and professionalism and provides an excellent foundation for dance and for life in general. Ballet moves and exercises can also improve cardiovascular health, flexibility, and posture. Ballet can also encourage children to lead active lives from an early age. The benefits aren’t just physical either, as ballet is also a medium through which children can express themselves. Nurture virtues like focus, balance and determination in your child, traits that will benefit him for the rest of his life.

“The benefits of ballet are both physical and mental. Ballet dancers learn to control and coordinate their bodies, improve their flexibility and posture,” says Christian Reksten-Monsen, General Manager of Yan Ballet Academy. “Ballet dancers develop a sense of discipline, focus and learn to follow instructions. They learn to express themselves creatively and gain confidence by performing in front of others. All of these skills are useful, not only in dancing, but in life itself.

Ready to enroll your child? Call them/Whatsapp them on +65 65145175 or email [email protected] to book a trial lesson, or visit their website for more information.

Yan Ballet Academy is a new addition to the Kallang Wave Mall. There’s plenty to do in this diverse location, home to exciting tenants like Climb Central, Paco Funworld, GymKraft, Yunomori Onsen & Spa and many more.