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Western Ballet dancer makes mask kits for seniors | Get out of

Courtesy of Natalie Young

Local ballet dancer Natalie Young displays the mask kits she made for residents of an elderly community.

Town Crier Editorial Intern

Western Ballet dancer Natalie Young, a rising senior at Los Altos High School, recently partnered with the Mountain View-based ballet school to produce mask-making kits for residents of the senior community of Brookdale to Redwood City.

Young – whose grandparents live in Brookdale – said the idea stemmed from his concern about older people, who are at particularly high risk if they contract COVID-19.

“It’s really about bringing my community together, especially my ballet community. No one expected this pandemic, and it hit a lot of people hard,” said Young, who joined Western Ballet when he was 6 years old. “I just wanted to keep my community connected. (By) making masks, you can bond with your family and work together.

Helped by her family, Young added that her goal is to provide 260 mask kits to Brookdale residents. Each kit consists of pre-cut fabric with drawn lines for sewing. The kits also come with filter material and, if needed, sewing needles and thread.

When she and her family ran out of fabric, Young said she turned to Western Ballet, which had extra fabric to donate. Young reached out to families in the Western Ballet community to help make the mask kits. Volunteers sign up using a Google form.